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timtim is owned and operated by Tim assisted by his wife, Maria. Timtim is part of Tim's Features, a company registered in Denmark. All drawings, cartoons, and articles on this site which are not designated by an artist's profile are the intellectual property of and Tim's Features according to US and international copyright laws. 98% of the drawings on timtim were created by Tim either recently or during his many years of professional work as an illustrator, cartoonist, and architect. If you have any requests or questions, please use the contact form on this page. See Tim on Facebook  See Tim on LinkedIn



timtim drawings can be downloaded without watermark for just $15 each. A license purchase of a timtim drawing entitles you to free access to a high-resolution version of the drawing, but you must first pay the fee and then contact Tim using the form below and make a request for the Hi-Res file. Tim will email the JPEG file direct to your in-box. You can also pay a $5 membership fee and join timtim allowing you unlimited lifetime access to the drawings for non-commercial use timtim Subscription. For Special Orders and any questions about the drawings please contact timtim before payment using the form below. For special orders, please contact Tim using the form below and he will contact you personally to discuss your needs. Tim is an American living in Denmark and has many years experience in providing quality work for a wide variety of customers.

NOTE: When you are ready to pay from the SHOPPING BASKET PAGE or from the SIGN-UP PAGE there is a 3-4 sec. delay while you are transferred to a secure service that accepts any major credit card or PayPal. Timtim does not get or retain this information.


Price List
Lifetime access to all drawings for non-commercial use .............................$ 5

License 1 timtim drawing from the database.............................................. $ 15
License includes Free Hi-Res version - please write to Tim after payment.

SPECIAL ORDERS - (Please contact Tim using the form below)

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