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Tik Tok Junk Castle from Tik Tik Tim and Jolly Junk Rat Palace illustration from 1978 adventure series for kids created by Tim Newlin, Jim Kenner, and Stephen Peterson and published in scandinavia's biggest selling weekly magazine Familie Journal as well as their Swedish and Norwegian versions and also in the Spanish magazine Zipi Zape. The series centers around Tik Tok and his  scrapland pals, Scrappy the tim can, Tuck the toilet paper tube, Patch the toy dog, and Twister the paper clip as they set off on and adventure. that takes them into Scrapland where things are built from junk and discarded packaging like milk cartons and tin cans. Each week there is an activity for kids to build toys and fun items using packaging and household materials. The series was one of the first to introduce recycling for children over 40 years ago. The name Tik Tik Tim is a registered copyright with the US copyright office.