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QDo I have to pay to use the drawings on this site?
A: Yes. You must either be a timtim member using the Sign-Up Page which allows lifetime non-commercial use of all drawings for $5, or you must license an individual drawing for $15 using the Shopping Basket function under each drawing
Q: How long does my membership last?
A: Your timtim membership last for as long as timtim is online, and we hope that will be for many years to come!
QDo I have to join in order to pay for commercial use of a drawing?
A: No. the timtim Shopping Basket payment can be used without sign-up or log-in.
Q: Can I pay for a drawing or membership in any other way than using the online payment link?
A: Yes - Use the contact page and write to timtim asking for an online invoice to be emailed directly to your email box. Be sure to check your junk-mail in-box during the days afters your request.
Q: Why are there watermarks on timtim Drawings? 
A: Timtim drawings can only be used by members and licensees. If you wish to use a drawing, you must either pay the $15 license fee using the Shopping Basket or you must purchase a $5 membership.

Q: Who owns the copyright on all these drawings? A: 95% of the drawings are done by and owned by Tim. Any artist shown in profile when you view a drawing owns the copyright for that drawing. timtim owns the copyright for all other drawings on the site. Two exceptions to this are for the Beetle Bailey drawings and the Donald Duck drawings - these are copyrighted to King Features and Disney.
Q: When I color the drawings on the timtim Drawing & Coloring Page why can't I save my drawings on my desktop?
A: We do not record any of your actions on the drawing canvas or store your colored drawings from the Coloring Page.
Q: When I use the timtim Drawing & Coloring Page do my drawings get stored on the site?
A: No. Your drawings are private and no one will see them and they are not stored on the site.
QI forgot my password or my user name. How do I find out what it is?
A: Go to the log-in page. Just under your log-in name and password box is a button and link to generate an automatic email with your user name and password.
Q: If I SIGN-UP, will my email address get on some spam mail list?
A: No. Your email address and sign-up information is secure and remains private.
Q: Do I have to fill in the spaces with where I live when I make my profile?
A: It would be nice! - it is very interesting information for members and the database users.
Q: Do I have to put a photo of myself on the profile?
A: No. An image or logo is OK too, and you can leave this blank if you want and it will automatically be filled with the standard timtim profile image.
Q: Can I have more than one profile?
A: Yes. But you must pay again and pick a new user name. Be sure to Log-Out for one profile before you Log-Into another.